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Ron Paul Reincarnate?

By Kelse Moen

Former Georgia Representative Bob Barr gave this interview Wednesday on Antiwar Radio with Scott Horton. Barr, a prominent conservative who led the Clinton impeachment, has in retirement changed his party affiliation to Libertarian, come out in support of marijuana legalization, and become an increasingly vocal opponent of our post-9/11 Leviathan. He created the American Freedom Agenda, a 10-point plan opposing the growth of executive privilege, NSA wiretapping, and the secret renditions, torture, and loss of habeas corpus that have all emerged under the banner of counter-terrorism. Continue reading


Paul Dominates (His Primary)

By Kelse Moen

2008 is not a happy time to be a libertarian. In the age of huge government expenditures, warrantless wiretapping, an activist Supreme Court, and overseas adventurism, advocates of small government have little reason to be optimistic. So when it seemed that Ron Paul, the new hero of the libertarian movement, could be unseated from Congress by a pro-war Republican who called Paul’s record of voting against unconstitutional bills “felonious at best,” the obvious reply could only be: “of course.” Continue reading