The Road Ahead


By Jeremy Barr

With students now back from spring break, we can re-focus our attention back onto the campaign for the presidency. But first off, what was accomplished last week besides the consumption of large amounts of mixed drinks? Short of a few small scandals and one big one involving a certain governor from a certain Northeastern state, not too much.

Barack Obama still maintains a large pledged delegate lead and is closing in on Hillary among superdelegates, uncommitted party leaders and officials who will cast their vote at the convention in August. Looking at the primary calendar, Pennsylvania (April 22nd) and North Carolina (May 6th) loom ahead, with the possibility of a Michigan primary (June 3rd?) looking all the more likely.

A common sentiment among my fellow Democrats is that this prolonged contest is hurting our chances in the general election; the longer Republican nominee and senior citizen John McCain is able to slide by unharmed, the better his chances in November. I disagree. Whether it is Obama or Clinton on the top of the ticket, I firmly believe that we will have plenty of time to pull off the curtain and show the American people what John McCain is really about.

While the dream ticket (Obama & Clinton) may not be a possibility, I hope that the two will come together (at least figuratively) to support the party and to make a case for why there should be a Democrat in the White House. With McCain’s strong support of the failed effort in Iraq, his flop-flops on immigration and tax cuts, his ethical shortcomings, his contentious nature, and his general persona as a politician of the past, we will have plenty to work with when the time comes.

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