McCain’s Great Day

By Benjamin van der Horst

On Tuesday, John McCain clinched the Republican nomination for the White House.  After losing in 2000 and being considered politically dead last summer, it was probably a great feeling for him to finally seal the deal.  On Wednesday, he received the endorsement President Bush, the very man who beat him eight years ago.  While both of these things are great, McCain got even better news on Tuesday:

Hillary Clinton beat Obama in Ohio and Texas. 

This is good news for McCain because it means the Democratic race will continue with Obama and Clinton focusing on each other instead of him.  Clinton has started going negative on Obama and the Democratic race will get ugly.  Meanwhile, McCain can rally his base and start focusing on the general election.  The Democratic race may go all the way to the convention.  McCain has already won.   This is good news for the Republican Party in a year where they haven’t had too good news to talk about.


One response to “McCain’s Great Day

  1. I hope McCain picks an excellent VP–maybe Condoleezza or Powell?

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