When is it time?


By Jeremy Barr

With Senator Barack Obama being called the “Democratic front-runner” more and more frequently these days, the question now turns to when he will be able to call himself the Democratic nominee. March 4th’s contests in Ohio and Texas may help to edge Obama closer to the title, as anything short of a resounding victory would essentially be a loss for Senator Hillary Clinton.

If Clinton doesn’t make a stand in Ohio and Texas, I think that she should consider bowing out of the race. Increasingly it seems that the Democratic Party is uniting behind Barack Obama in the form of 26 states, 1,202 elected delegates, the endorsement of key party officials, and the support of the country’s biggest labor organizations.

After all, Clinton and Obama are members of the same party, and have the same goal in November: making sure that a Democrat is in the White House. While I think that the prolonged primary duel between Obama and Clinton has sharpened both candidates, I believe that the dirty attacks leveled in the past days and weeks have only negative potential. Both Clinton and Obama are very important to the party, and must stand together after the primary season is over.

The Republicans have their nominee, and I think the Democrats do too. I think the time is now to make it official.


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