Why Huckabee won’t quit


By Ben Clark 

Over the past few months, Mike Huckabee has been on an emotional rollercoaster. Once written off as dead for a lack of funds and poor showing in most polls, he made a comeback that eventually resulted in a victory in Iowa. Some went so far as to predict a Huckabee win propelled by decent poll showings in Michigan and South Carolina. Now, however, strapped for cash and plagued by the inability to bring in voters outside of his narrow Evangelical base of support, the Arkansas Governor can merely stand by and watch Republican figures coalesce around the presumed nominee.

So why doesn’t Huckabee just quit? At least he, as opposed to Romney and Giuliani, has a shot of ever being elected to any position in his home state. His name has even been thrown around Arkansas circles as a potential challenger to incumbent Democrat Senator Mark Pryor.

A number of possible answers for why Huckabee is still in the race have been given. Not the least of these is the thought that Huckabee might still believe he has a chance. Assuming not all of Romney’s delegates will gladly jump on the McCain bandwagon, Huckabee may still be able to pull off a few upsets in states with substantial Evangelical voting blocks. However, unless he’s able to branch out and pull in more voting groups, it seems unlikely that Huckabee will be able to do much to help his case at this point.

When Mitt Romney was still in the race, some wondered if Huckabee had been offered a VP slot, or possibly a cabinet position, should McCain win the nomination. Huckabee then played the role of a giant-killer, taking down the well-funded Romney in Iowa, and at least threatening to do so again in Michigan. At the very least, he is a more logical choice for VP than Rudy Giuliani, Fred Thompson, or Jeb Bush- all of whom have been listed as potential running mates for a Republican nominee.


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