Why Hillary should be scared


By Benjamin van der Horst

Super Tuesday was the day that Hillary Clinton was supposed to seal her victory over Barack Obama and sail into the general election. Well that was three weeks ago. Instead, on Tuesday, Obama won more states (14 versus 8 ) and even more delegates than Hillary, despite the fact that HRC won the big prizes of New York and California.

Since Tuesday, Obama has raised over six million dollars online. Hillary has loaned her campaign five million dollars. He raised almost 20 million more than her in January. Obama now has a fundraising edge going into the next primaries. Futhermore, most of Obama’s donors have given in small amounts, so they can continue to give. Most of HRC’s donors have given much more, meaning they cannot give her more since there are limits on donations. But money is not her only problem.

The next states definitely favor Obama over Hillary. Louisiana, Nebraska, Washington, Virginia, the District of Columbia, Hawaii, Wisconsin, and Maryland could all go to Obama before Hillary could get another win. Even if she can pick up one or two, he should win most of these. That means Hillary has to pin her hopes on Texas and my home state of Ohio on March 4.

Obama will have lots of time to campaign in these upcoming states, especially the March 4th states. The more he campaigns in a place the more people like him. This drawn out race definitely favors Obama. But HRC still has an impressive infrastructure and more super delegates supporting her. Right now, though, I would much rather be Obama than Hillary.


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