United We Will Stand


By Jeremy Barr

Although the race for the Democratic nomination has not been the friendliest contest, one thing is fairly certain: the Democratic Party will be able to unite behind its nominee. When it comes down to it, Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama differ more on style than on policy, making it fairly easy for supporters of each candidate to come together once the nominee has been decided.

On the other side of the aisle, the Republican Party can look forward to months of infighting about its presumptive nominee, Senator John McCain. In the past weeks, many prominent conservative commentators have come out hard against the senator from Arizona, with one blond-haired, fire-breathing commentator even going so far to say that she would support Hillary Clinton in the general election if McCain is the Republican nominee.

This criticism is based on McCain’s fairly liberal positions on hot-button issues like immigration and campaign finance. While his willingness to go across party lines has won him acclaim from moderates and independents alike, it has made him a target of the conservative base.

Unfortunately for McCain and the Republican Party, it’s hard to erase decades of moderate policies. It’s even harder to simultaneously appeal to both the conservative base and the pool of moderate and independent voters that he will need to win over to win the White House in November. This division in the Republican Party will ultimately serve to benefit the Democratic nominee, and will make the prospect of a Democrat in the White House much more likely (with or without Ann Coulter’s support).


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